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A Day in the River

This Independence Day I recalled 2013.. when I was crying like I would die because I was getting a divorce.. I fully surrendered to the pain for a few weeks when a miracle took place.. with one move I shed so many layers of social conditioning that the love that erupted from me was nothing short of euphoria.. I knew my life would never be the same.. and it’s BEEN only getting more fascinating since 💫

Aho & Amen To My Independence ☀️☀️☀️ The astounding blessings that come from courage.. When you realize the only rules that matter are the ones written by your heart, every day is a limitless supply of love.. What you need just shows up ❤️ Any day can surprise you..

This delightful day I took a break 🤓 and found myself in a sleepy desert town named Cornville 🌵 rafting for hours listening to the stories lingering in the trees, stories from elders of days past #OutWest .. with Mark Twain’s twang in my heart, medicine songs on my tongue and a river hat for my #SunKissed cheeks.. Red like #SacredLand ..Knowing my life will never be the same because it’s like the #River.. #FLOWING  


Make Way for Big Waves :)))

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