Unleash Your Parent Superpowers

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60-90 Minutes

This is a 101 Foundations Course in Raising Happy, Wildly Successful Humans! 


Travel from the present to the future through the eyes of Generation Z/iGen and leave with a new vision of our mutual well-being! Too often our youth get lost in a mix of societal and social pressures. Yet, their potential for success is truly limitless. This workshop focuses helping parents understand new normals in the workplace and best practices for parenting young people who can thrive in a rapidly changing world.



     Here's what you get:

  • Unlimited replays of 21 Video Modules

  • Leadership Inventory for your child

  • Home & School surveys for nurturing leadership

  • A new level of confidence being a parent of a future leader! 

  • 15+ Journal Prompts


60-90 Minutes

The art of self-care is always a journey to the heart—one that begins with a single step. Infusing the art of storytelling with evidence based practices from all over the world, this hands-on workshop offers parents easy access to better-feeling places. Practices can be easily implemented into the day and shared with children. Activities may include Grounding, Infuse Your Cup, Tonglen Breath and Qi Gong’s Inner Smile.



8 Workshop Themes  
60-90 Minutes Each

People often say there is no training for becoming a parent. Yet there is innate wisdom in every parent that can be strengthened through community. In this unique series, parents use case studies to explore root causes for behaviors and best practices for approaching avoidance, rejection/bullying, anxiety, boundary issues, addictive behaviors, and differentiation. A deeply empowering  experience that nourishes meaningful parent-child communication that benefits every aspect of their personal, social and academic lives.

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