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Who will you be when you awaken your 6th sense?

Intuition Is Your SuperPower

Intuition can be thought of as your 6th sense--sensory communication from your higher self. In its simplest form intuition can be understood as the pure energy of love moving through your awareness. Whether it feels as subtle as a breeze or as clear as lightening, the way each person experiences and nurtures their intuition is as unique as they are. 

Living the full expression of your intuitive self

is not only your gift to the world, 

it is your SuperPower. 


The education you've been waiting for...

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Deep down you know you did not come

into this world to just learn how to please authority figures so that you can work

40 hours a week and pay endless bills 

intended to line the pockets of a small elite.

Your soul knows the truth.

You came to explore, experience, and express

your true essence. This is the gift of your

higher self to all humanity.

To bring this gift to the world

you must learn how to listen to and trust

your own intuition. 

Yet, no one has ever really helped you

understand how to develop your intuitive gifts.

Experience the difference of intuitive learning

People of all ages and walks of life need education that is inspired, evocative, soulful, spontaneous, empowering, and relevant to the problems of the world.

The time has come for education that develops one's inner knowing beyond what is typically taught in school.

It is  your soul's calling to experience your own intuitive gifts. Within a safe space with guides who are invested in helping you become who you were born to be, anything is possible!

Alchemy For Everyone is here to help you and your family do just that.




What clients are saying about Alchemy For Everyone

Radiant WellBeing for Educators is a great workshop. Laura's positivity and methods are uplifting and helpful to how I do my job on a daily basis.


Jean Sullivan 
Vice Principal 
Roselle Public Schools

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